How to generate an array of a drawing/peg rather than copying manually

Hi guys,

So I’m creating a conveyor belt which has a bunch of gears/cogs in a row which fly left across the screen to give the effect that box on the conveyor belt is moving quickly to the right. This is fine, my problem is that I need to create a bunch of rotating cogs, evenly spaced in order to achieve this effect for more than a second or so.

I started by creating a gear drawing, then putting that inside a peg which I animate a rotation for the duration of my shot. I then clone the peg + drawing combination (including drawings and animation) and then stagger them along the X axis inside a master peg.

My problem is that it seems very time consuming to generate so many of these and at equal spatial intervals. Is there an easier way to do this?

If anything I’ve said is unclear please let me know and I’ll rephrase - thanks!


Hi dontworry!

You could try using symbols for this:

Great thankyou for this I’ll look into it!