How to flip walk cycle

Hi Guys!

I’m just learning Toon Boom Animate with the Personal Learning Edition. I’m trying to get two stick figure guys to walk from the edges of the screen to the middle and start fighting.

I’ve animated the walk cycle for one figure to walk from the right of the screen to the center. I’ve copied the walk cycle for the other fighter but I can’t figure out if there’s a shortcut to flip the all the frames horizontally so I don’t have to re-draw the walk cycle for the other direction.

There is the flip horizontal button under the transform tool, but that only seems to flip the keyframes on one frame. Is there a way to select all the frames and have it flip? Or is manually flipping every keyframe the only way to do it?

I’ve attached a screenshot to give a better idea of my rig, and setup.

Thanks for your help.

Hi jish

You could try to duplicate the layer. Then use the Reposition All Drawings tool to flip one layer manually.
You find it as an option click holding the Select tool in the Tools toolbar.

Best regards

Reposition didn’t seem to work since it was rigged with symbols.
I managed to flip the peg which did the trick!