how to flip a selection vertically or horizontally?

I created the right leg of a stickman and I simply want to copy the leg, the shin and the foot and flip it horizontally that I have an exact copy but I got stuck here.

I found a way to copy the graphics to a new layer and I know how to select the leg, but how do I flip it horizontally?



There are many ways to do this. You could scale the element with a -1 value in the horizontal scale. Although, be aware that if you reset all your keyframes it may flip back your leg.

Another way would be to use the drawing select tool, pick the leg drawing (in the drawing view) and then go to the top menu Drawing>Transform>Flip Horizontal.

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You can also select and right click inside the selection box goto transform and select flip… ( Note this works in windows version, I don’t know about the Mac version.)