how to fix this ghost line?

I always encounter this in harmony 12 to 16? why?

Is it just a layer or are you using a cutter?
If it´s a cutter , how is it made?

hi mattias, I’ve used a cutter module. this is how I made it (please click the link):

Thanks Noel,

It’s hard to know without seeing the actual scene. Maybe a cutter- expert can answer from seeing the image.

If not you can send me the scene and I can see if I can find the problem.

Hi Mattias. here is the <a href=>link for the file.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Noel!

I had a look and I have had this problem too.

When a very light color cuts to a very dark color the antialias make this appear. Depending on how your artwork looks I solve it on two ways.

  1. I paint the part affect the line black
    See in this image:

2. I have a line ( black in this case ) on an artlayer that I put above it to over that ghost line.

I hope this helps.
Nice animation!

/ Mattias

Thanks Mattias. You fix it manually. But I think it shouldn’t be like that in their software. I can do your remedy. We here at studio do that.

It would be nice if there was a setting in the cutter to avoid this. But I don’t think there are now.

/ Mattias

let’s wait for the toon boom team to see this.

I often send them ideas about improvements.

In this case I think it would work with a feature in cutter that sets to cutter to “fade to” to black, white or drawing. Or something like that.