How to extend exposures like in flash?

Hey guys! I’m wondering if it’s possible to extend exposures like how it’s done in flash, where if I hit f5 it’ll just keep adding frames one frame at a time, and if there’s another drawing at the other end of my current one it just starts to push it out of the way. Right now the f5 dialog box feels clunky and messes with my workflow, I just end up dragging frames around which gets really annoying if I’ve got a stack of 20 1s I’m planning on timing out.

Any suggestions? I know about the set exposure function, I’m just hoping for something a bit more direct.

u have to Scene-> Scene Length and increase it to like how much frame u want first. eg 100

then press f5 on timeline to extend exposure.

hope it helped
: )

if u are new i suggest u to watch some tutorials. toonboom u can do anything :slight_smile: just u have to find the way.