How to export without the Underlay Layers (global removal)

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After a long time looking into this I just can’t figure out a way to export a multilayer scene without the Underlay Layers (which is the layer i sketch on)

I am aware that you can manually go into the Layer Properties of each layer and shut off the Underlay layer, but this becomes cumbersome when you’ve got 20 or more layers. Is there a way to globally remove all the Underlay layers on export? This seems like it would be really simple. Especially since the underlay layer was designed to be the layer you sketch on (as shown in the user guide). I want to keep the Line and Fill layers on export.

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I don’t think there’s an option to make that “on export”, because the compositing reads and flattens all the layers contents as they are.

I think a script could be made to switch off sub-layers of selected modules, but I don’t know much about scripting. I think that most people’s workflow starts with drawing just a single sketch, then drawing all the clean art in their respective, separate, layers. That means there would be just a sub-layer to switch off. If you want to sketch that many layers, maybe it would be better to do it on separate layers (that is, elements), which would be easier to switch off in the timeline or in the network (selecting the layers and pressing ‘d’).

If you work with colour overrides in cutout animation, your network will have already a structure that would filter out the sketch. That is, between the element and the composite there will be colour override modules filtering out, separately, line art and colour art to be used with cutters to affect other elements. You would still need to have a cable with the unfiltered element connected to the composite if you want to see everything on the camera view at the same time, but it should be easier to disconnect the sketches that way, just clicking off those cables.

Luis Canau

You can add a Layer-Selector module in the Network view.
But you can’t make all layers don’t show the underlay art.
you can give each layer add a Layer-Selector module.


Try using a colour-override module at the very end of your network to isolate whatever color you’re using for your sketching. Just drag your color to the lower portion of the colour-override in the Layer Properties. You can activate or deactivate the colour-override in the Network View as needed.

As zzl_662 mentioned, dragging in a “Layer Selector” module from the “Filter” section of the Module Library is the simplest and quickest way to do it. You can specify exactly which layers to show/not show and better than that, you can control what this is applied to depending on where in the network you place this module.