How to Export Vector images (help please!)

Hi. I created a drawing in ToonBoom and need to export a vector file. How can I export a vector image?

Failing that, a high-resolution 1-colour image would probably suffice. I need to do this as soon as possible!

SWF is currently the only vector export option available. You may need to open it in flash and then re-ave it as an .AI file if that’s what your goal is. That’s the only option I know of.


What do you mean one color? A matte in black and white? If that’s it you can choose any output format with 1 in it like TGA1, PSD1. This will give you a one channel image. If you need to preserve the gray values from a colored image you can put a Channel Selector or a Greyscale module (with Matte output active) under your image(s). Then of course you can crank up the resolution of your scene like 4000x4000.