How to Export to iTunes?

One of my students wants to put her animation on her iPod, and a search of the postings here indicates that some of you know how to do that. Can someone tell me how to do that for free, w/o having to buy more software? We have only Toon Boom Studio 4, QuickTime player, iTunes, and a bunch of iMacs to work with. Thanks!

Open your movie with QuickTime (7) / go to File / Export… / choose Movie to iPod / Save /
double click this new .m4v - file (MPEG 4) / iTunes should open automatically (otherwise drag it into iTunes manually) / from there drag this file into your connected iPod.

Exporting directly from TBS / export as MPEG 4 / set the size to 320x240 (iPod size) /
import this file into iTunes / and from there into your iPod.