HOw to: Export still frame with alpha channel transparent background


I need to know how to export one still frame form my scene, with transparent background and alpha channels.

I already searched forum for post posts and found answers, but I am not having any luck.

This is what I did.

I have a write module connected to composite module.

I turned off the BG layer in the timeline and also tried by completely disconnecting the BG module from the composite module in the network.

I went to File > Export > Open GL Frames

I selected the option Format > Frames and then selected the PNG4 option.

It does export but the image is all broken up as if it is made up of a mosaic and there are 50% of mosaic pieces missing. Also, wherever the pieces of the image do exist I see my drawing over a black BG; and the missing pieces are just transparency without any drawing visible at all.

What am I doing wrong?


Just to clarify, this question is in regards to Animate Pro, correct?Have you tried doing a File > Export > Render Network and then rendering that one frame?I verified that there was a problem with OpenGL render with transparency in Animate Pro. The OpenGL render is meant only as a quick preview, and not as a final image, and so it works with the 3-channel image types but not 4-channel. We will investigate this for the next release of Animate Pro.For your purposes, please do an Export > Render Network, and make sure that your write node is set up to a 4-channel image.~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks for your reply, Lilly.I’m afraid I’ll have to bug you for step by step instructions, as I don’t understand.When I do File > Export > Render Network it just jumps to a progress bar and then the process is completed, but I don’t see where I should select file type and location where to save the file.I basically need to end up with one still frame in PNG, with transparent background and alpha channels.Also, I don’t understand how to do this “…make sure that your write node is set up to a 4-channel image”. How do I set it up for 4 channel image?As always, thanks for your time…

Lilly,Scratch my last reply.I think I figured it out… :Dthanks…

For the benefit of other users, you can set up your write node in the network view. If you locate your write node, there is a little yellow options box on the left-hand side that, when you click it, will open a dialog with the write node’s options. Here is where you will set the location where the file will save, and also there is a dropdown menu with the file type.~LillyToon Boom Support

HOw to: Export still frame with alpha channel transparent background

Is their a way to export your drawings with a transparent background using ToonBoom Harmony. I want to use either a sequence of images or a mov file and then transfer it to Premier Pro. Everytime I try using png, png4, tga, and tag 4 all I get is a black background. I have seen that you can go into the network view (now called nodes view) but the layers options is different. Please help!

Nevermind I found out how to do it. In Toon Boom Harmony You go to File>Export>Movie> Go to Settings after you choose your resolution and where you want the file to be exported. When in settings change the compression to png. Dept to Millions of Colors+ and then Filter to Best. When exporting it will look black, but after you transfer your mov file into Premier or whatever you are using the black will become transparent. Hope this helped. I learned through my professor who told me how to do this. If this doesn’t work then make sure in the network/node view that when you left click on drawing layer the write or yellow square box you and click on the drawing tab make sure at the bottom each layer is on (Premultiplied with Black). Good luck to whomever may need this information.