how to export openGL frames and movies with transparency in harmony14 premium?

thats it, i cant find it in the manual.must be an effect? put movies with millions of colours and then what?though a color card with transparent colour do the trick but lost and looking for a nice explanation.thanks

Selecting PNG4 or PSD4 as the export file and not using a colour card in the background (or having it deactivated) works for regular export of rendered frames. The OpenGL export doesn’t seem to be working as it should, at least in Harmony 12.2 which I’m using. Not only it doesn’t process transparency or alpha properly but it also ignores scene resolution.

Luis Canau

obrigado Chefe

any way i was just trying to export some animation for using in Unity as it possible?user guide has 1400 pages ,may be someone can point me if its possible at all.

OpenGL has no alpha channel, it’s a screen render put into a file.
Don’t use this if you want to export with transparency. Export to
regular image sequence (bitmap) using any of the 4 channel that
lcanau above already mentioned (or TGA4).

do you mean export movie?i don’t see a sequence image option will export movie ,how can i get that bitmap sequence of rendered images?thanks for your help

could it be export render write node?but it doesn’t allow to choose any type of 2d file ,and it exports in .tga!something to change in preferences?thanks again

Yes, Render Write Node. Look closer at the Write Node and you will see it.
For some reason it’s called “Drawing” in the Write Node. Alternate names
in previous versions may have been “Image Sequence” and “Bitmap” or
“Raster File” are alternate names.

It’s tough to find a terminology that everyone understands equally.

For more info:

Note that you can also export to transparent movie format by setting the
“Colour Depth” to “Millions of Colours +” (if it is supported by the
codec/compressor chosen to render to).