How to export image sequence in Harmony 14?

I have a problem trying to export images from Harmony - there is no more option to do that in version 14. In my stage 12 version the option is under export > images, but in the version 14 this option is no more available. Does anyone know how can I export a normal png sequence?

The version we are using is Toon Boom Harmony Premium, version 14.0.0.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

If it is Premium use the Write Node. I am on iPad so can’t check for other levels of 14.

You just need to do File>Export>Render Write Nodes and your image sequence will be exported, but I believe the default image export type is TGA.

If you want to know how to select among the various image types and file destination and all that, just go to the node view and double-click on the tiny square on the Write node all the way at the bottom of your node chain.

In the Output tab you can see your “Drawing Folder” where you set up where your exported images go.

Below that you will see “Drawing Type.” Drawing Type lets you select whatever type of image sequence you want. You can change it to PNG (or PNG4 if you want to include an alpha channel) in the image export, but there are a load of other file types are available.

I can’t stress enough the usefulness of the tutorials found on here. I know that learning the basics of the interface is the boring part because everyone wants skip that and get to the animation, but many of these basic types of questions are answered right in the beginning lessons. This is the same as it was in ToonBoom Harmony 12 Premium(but I guess its possible you only just now upgraded to Premium).

Anyhoo, good Luck!

Hi Jack!

Thank you so much for the answer, this was exactly what I was looking for!! Sorry for a bit later reply - I had already forgotten that I asked the question, but today I was having the same problem and I remembered to check if someone had answered. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think the confusion was that at home I have Harmony Advanced, but at school we have Harmony Premium (to tell the truth I had totally forgotten there are 3 different versions of the program). In Advanced I have a separate option to export images without needing to go into the write node, hence the confusion.

I’ve been watching tutorials from time to time, but it’s bit hard to go through them all - especially the first parts, because I know 90% of the stuff they are teaching me. I tried to google the problem, but there were no results helping me: In the online help page there was steps of how to export a movie, but I couldn’t find the page where they tell how to export images (if there is any).

But anyways thank you so much!! Now I can export images in Premium as well!