How to export dialogues in movies? (+ antialiasing not working)


Is there any way to export my storyboard animation with dialogues overlaying final video output? So many people are actually typing text in panels because they need to have them in the storyboard video presentation (if they have no voiceover). I think it’s ridiculous not to have option to export dialogue with the movie so I hope I’m missing something. This is really basic- where can I find it?


is this normal that there is no visual difference when I enable/disable Full Scene Antialiasing? (even after multiple restarts). Edges are pixelated :frowning:


Turning on the Full Scene Antialiasing made a huge difference when I tried it just now. Usually I have it turned of to let the machine work more at ease.

When it comes to the export of dialogue I understand you as you want to export the caption as an overlay to an exported movie of the storyboard.

As far as I know it is not possible to make the captions show in the camera window neither to export it over the movie.

But you can copy the text from the caption to the camera window using the text tool. If you set the text tool to to center text option( In the tools window with the text tool active) It is fairly easy to copy the text from the dialogue caption field. Just make the dialogue caption field active and copy all. The go to the camera window with the text tool active and mark the in point (center) and paste. If you have the grid on it’ll look nice if you place it on the center line of the grid. If you plan to export the timecode make sure they don’t overlap.

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