How to export colour-override in vector PDF

I’m trying to export to PDF the masks from the colour-override node, and every time I try that, the application crashes. To get the PDF with the vector information we have to change the mode in the Composite Layer Properties, from “As bitmap” to “As vector”. We are able to export this way but with all the color information (no masks) and the file doesn’t have the width and the height it should. So, if we don’t change it to “As vector” the application crashes and we just get a couple of frames with the correct masks, width and height but it’s not a vector PDF; and if we try it by changing the mode first, we are able to export a vector PDF but with the wrong colors, wrong width and height. How can we do it? Any ideas? I attach an example of both cases in jpg (it doesn’t allow me to upload pdf files). Thanks!