How to enter StoryBoard Pro 5.5 if another user is displayed

I must ask how to enter a StoryBoard pro 5.5 sample if the power went out as I was working on my design. From now on it shows that another user is already working with the project and if I enter the creation, the file will be corrupted eventually. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you check if there is any file with an extension .lock in your saved project folder? (ex, your_project_name.sboard.lock)

In general, when the project is opened, it created a lock file (ex, your_project_name.sboard.lock) and this lock file will be automatically removed once the project is closed. With the existance of this lock file, it alert other users (or yourself) to prevent overwriting your currently working on project by opening the same project by mistake.

But for your case, due to power failure, the project was not legally close and thus the .lock file was not removed automatically. If you are sure that there is no one else would open this project, make sure there is no other Storyboard Pro running on your system and then delete this .lock file before opening this project again.

If you still have an issue, please contact for more details and example of file.

So far I have not found a lock file for my project, where would it be located? thanks

Never mind. I found the lock file and have moved it into another location if it ever proves needed. Thank you very much, this has been a great help. By the way, loving StoryBoard Pro 5.5