how to Enable the trial license of the Toon Boom software

I downloaded the trial version of the toonboom harmony but when i activate the trial version i get an error. I read in the help activation link that i need to enable the trial license of the toonboom software. how to do that? Please help me out in installing the trial version of the toonboom harmony.

The problem you are seeing is that your computer is not able to
communicate with Toon Boom’s license activation server.

Try temporarily disabling the firewall. Close and re-open the
License Wizard and try it again. Make sure to do all this from
an Admin(istrator) user account rather than just a regular user
because the license info is written to a location on the computer
that only the Admin user class has the rights to access and modify.

I tried the steps but it did not work. When we download the trial version of the software do we get the trial key in our mail. At the end of installation we use the license tool where we have to login. Does it check the toonboom account for the trial license. Please assist me in activating the trial license of toonboom harmony 12.2