How To Edit Texture With Time?


I Just Was Wondering How To Edit a Gradient or a Texture With Time?

I’ve For Example a Fire Texture… & I Applied it to a Text… What I Want Is… To Move This Text Fire Texture With Time So As If It’s Burning With Time Going Forward.

How to do that?

Thanks In Advance

Finally! I Just Did What You Have Just Said! AND IT WORKS!! I Love You Man! Really Thanks! Now I Can Move Textures And Gradients With Time As Well! (:

My Best Regards / Sami

Try a Colour-Override-Node:

If you like, here is a very simple example:

Thank you so much! Now I can make a texture move in text!

But I have no idea how to do that on a gradient ):

Can you tell me PLEASE how to do that?

Thank you very much!

Animate the gradient-node over time, or connect your own node.
Or connect the particle-flame-group-node and render the animation.

Here is the project file:

Be aware, the file was created with Harmony 17 Premium.

hi… I still can’t figure out how to animate a gradient over time! when I downloaded your (project file), I didn’t know what to do… meaning, didn’t know which drawing node I draw on…
& Didn’t know what the (particle_flame_group) actually is!

I’m so sorry for not understanding some stuff ):

I’m very new to harmony and animation world…

and btw… I’m also using harmony 17…

so, finally, can you PLEASE do me a favor and make a (project file) just like you did, and make an animation of a text filled with a gradient that moves over time?

In that way, I can Really Understand


My apologies…

All you have to do, keyframe the position, rotation etc. of your gradient layer over time.

I’m Sorry… But I Have a Square Made by (Rectangle) Tool… Filled With a Gradient… & It’s 30 Frames Long… However, When I Select the (Edit Gradient/Texture) Tool… & Make a Change by it in the Frame One, It Doesn’t Actually Make A Keyframe in Frame 1! Even When I Put (Insert Keyframe) in Frame 1 Let’s Say, & In Frame 30 I Also Put (Insert Keyframe)… And Make a Change in Frame 1 & 30… It Doesn’t Make Any Change! I tried That On a Peg, Also, No Result.

& Btw… I See Everything In (Render View) So I Can See Everything.

& The Website You Sent, It Talks About “How to animate a layer or a peg” Itself… I Don’t Want To Move The Square Filled With A Gradient, I Want to Move The Gradient Over Time In the Square Itself.

Here’s a Link of What’s Going on on My Drawing…

Any Help For That Would Be So Appreciated.

Thank You.

As far as I know. one can’t keyframe the gradient with the Edit Gradient Tool.
You have to keyframe the whole layer (the square filled with the gradient)

So, Is there no solution for it?

Meaning, Gradient Color Can’t be Animated Over Time?

Try a Cutter.
Connect the right port to your gradient-layer and the left port to your text layer
In the Cutter-node you might have to select Inverted.
Then keyframe the position of your gradient-layer with the Transform-Tool.
The immediate result should be all visible in the viewport.