How to duplicate Object and assign a new Palette

Hi Guys

Well, the title sais it all basically :wink:

I have one finished object (a bottle) and want to duplicate or clone it as well as the accompanying palette. I want the second object to be assigned its own palette from the original one, so that i can change the colors of ONLY the second object. Is there any way to do this?

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What I do is create new colours and recolour/repaint the object. Then I delete the old, now unused colours from the palette. Remember not to just change the colours in the palette, create brand new ones to repaint with.

Or if you have a lot of symbols/mouths already made, you can clone the pallete, change all the existing colors into new ones (with the same ids, literally select the color and pick the new one for say body outline or body fill), and then go to where the composite for the duplicate is and drag a color override into it, and then put the cloned pallete in the pallete override so that even if you have a duplicate of original and new rig, the new one will have the new colors (and also do the same for old rig with color override and pallete override, with you picking the old as highest).