How to duplicate my arm movement?

I want to duplicate the arm movement (“arm_boven”) of my character and paste it in reverse order in my timeline after the other arm frames, so that my arm moves from the left to the right.
How can I do that? When I do copy & past cells from the timeline, it only copiess my last keyframe (frame 5), even though I try to copy & past frame 4.
This is the file:

Hi Jessica,

What Harmony edition are you using?

You can select the Arm boven layer and the 3 bone nodes above.
Select Edit > Duplicate.
You can then connect a Peg on top of the bone chain and flip the Peg or flip the artwork or arm layer. If you flip the arm, you will have to readjust your bones.

You can flip a Peg using the Transform tool. In the Transform tool properties view, select Flip Horizontal.

I hope this help!


Dear Marie-Eve,

Thank you for your help!
(I’m using Harmony Essentials).

HI Jessica,

You are welcome. I think the steps above should work in Essentials as well.