How to duplicate more than one cloned palettes

Due to the nature of the wording of this question, I’m having difficulty finding answers through Google, so, I hope that these forums can help me out.

I have two cloned palettes, lets say a night and a day version. What I would like to do, is duplicate those palettes but have the duplicated versions be cloned to each other.

Palette_A_Day & Palette_A_Night → Palette_B_Day & Palette_B_Night

What I’d have to do with the tools I know about is duplicate Palette_A_Day, clone it, and then adjust all the colors to match the night palette. I have a lot of these to do, so I’d rather have a faster way if it’s available.

Can anyone help me out? Thank you

I am looking for the same. Did you found any proper solution for that?