How to duplicate a frame that can be altered with out changing the original

Hi! I’m very new to Toon Boom harmony so I have a feeling this might be a very rudimentary fix that I just haven’t found yet, but there’s an issue I’ve been having. I’ve been wanting to find a way where I can draw a frame, copy and paste it into the next drawing, and then alter part of the next drawing WITHOUT altering the first frame that I copied. Is there a way to do this? I’m trying to animate someone playing a guitar, and I want their fingers on the frets to change, but I don’t want to redraw their entire hand. However, I also would like to avoid having to make the hand base and the fingers separate layers as I feel that would make things a bit more complicated to work with. I also don’t want to have to redraw the hand entire as it’s more time consuming to do and it makes the non moving part of the hand look jittery, unless I spent an insane amount of time making sure the lines cover the onion frame to a pixel perfect. So is there an easy way to simply duplicate a frame that can be edited without altering the original? Thanks to any responses I get!

Hi Brock,

Check out the video from Toonboom at youtube:


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Ah, thank you very much! And whoops, didn’t mean to post this in the wrong section. Anyways, thanks!