how-to drawing - eggs in a nest

Question on drawing technique. I’m trying to make eggs setting in a nest. The ultimate goal is to animate the eggs shaking and the chicks cracking their way out.

With Animate, is the best approach to draw the nest, cut it in two and have the two sections on separate layers? (Kind of like when making a puppet?) And then place the eggs between the layers?

I did that at and it doesn’t look bad but I’m curious if there is a different/better technique?


definitly split the layers and then put all the eggs on seperate layers.

I think the result would be better if you tilted the nest more so that more of the eggs were covered.

Tilt it back so that the nest is more level? In other words, bring the front up some?

yeah exactly, so it looks like the eggs are more sitting inside than on top.

Also i would throw, nest back, front and eggs all on one peg so you have the nest and eggs all nicely packagedup.