how to Draw over animated cut outs

I have been doing simple animations with imported cut out images (via peg). I wanted to know how to draw over individual cells of the animation? I am sorry if this is easy- basically when i click on a cell, from the timeline, and draw on it, the drawing exists on all cells, not on just the one cell. I am thinking that i need to export animation as drawings but dont know how. Any advice would be appreciated. thank you!

:smiley: Awesome- Thank you so much!

What happens is that when you do an animation over time, first you “Extend Exposure” on a drawing. What this does is this just effectively holds a drawing over an extended period of time. So if you go to the next frame and draw on it, it will change all the frames.

After you Extend Exposure, if you right-click on a drawing and do a Drawing > Duplicate Drawing, it makes a copy of this drawing that you can now draw on and it won’t alter the original.