how to draw android mascot shape?

Hi guys,
what is the best way to draw an android mascot shape in animate pro 2?

the curved head part is the problem

I can’t seem to get it right, the shift key doesn’t help with snapping, poly-line tool is just not that great etc.
can someone make a short tutorial pls? i really need to make more of those shapes and i need an easy way to do it precisely, without - approximations

thx in addvance

i will send my attempts if neccesary

you can try to turn the grid on and snap to grid option on…or did you try that already?

have you brought the image in as a background to trace over?

The poly line tool is fine for it, you just need to place them almost right and use the biezer handles to adjust it perfectly.

Or you can just draw circles and squares on top of each other, and use your Cutter tool to snip off the intersecting bits.