How to do Track reading with a shuttle Xpress

If your want to make you sound scrubbing and track reading in Harmony I suggest you get a ShuttleXpress device from Contour. They have also the pro version with more buttons that’s more expensive.

I put a video to explain how to set it up and how it works in Harmony 9.2. There might be other devices that work also but this one we tested.

On the video the sound didn’t come out when I was playing in Harmony but I was hearing it. It just didn’t record on Camtasia. :-[

Also here are the setting files for Mac and Windows that you could import and the Readme file that I used in the video.

Thanks for the tip and the video, Steve! Too bad the sound didn’t come through. That would’ve been a help in understanding what was going on. But it was fine without it too.

Reminds me of a thread I started awhile back on use the Shuttle Pro. Maybe some day I’ll have to try it.;action=display;threadid=3332