How to do a gradient when using cutter module?


My project uses the cutter module to create faux sand painting animation. In other words, each color is first split on a separate level, then the cutter module is connected to each level so that the color is replaced with an image of sand.

Now I need to animate a human character that is cut off around the chest area. The character actually needs to fade off, like a ghost, as if using a gradient fill. But I am not using a gradient fill because I am using the cutter module connected to an image of the sand.

So, how can I do this? How can I make the bottom of the character’s body fade off, when using cutter effects?

thank you…

What about stacking it so you have multiple cutter modules?

Hi Raider,

Let me see if I understand correctly…

I would duplicate the level a few times, then cut the bottom of each level a bit higher to create incremental “steps” between each layer. Then I would add a transparency module to each layer and assign a different value to each one.

Is that what you had in mind?

Thanks for sharing the tip…!

The way i see if is first you want to do all your cutters for the sand. Run them all into a composite module. Then you can have another cutter module to apply your gradient (or just use a transparency with a gradient as it will have a similar effect) before linking to your main composite.

It is hard to comment exactly when I haven’t seen your exact approach to setting up your network but I always create “trees” of effects and when you think about them they are very logical and great way of showing what is happening.

Hi Raider,

Thank you very much for explaining this. I will definitely try this tonight. Let’s hope it does the trick.

Many thinks…