How to do a computer screen animation?

How to show a computer screen working?

I want to show a computer screen with an applications windows or windows explorer or file explorer.

It needs to have icons and folders and files, etc.

I need to move the pointer over it and click the icons and something else would pop up.

Then, several lines of code must run (black screen with green lines of code)

ah, that’s simple!

step 1: hire somebody who can do that.

step 2: be happy.

Seems pretty easy to me. Have a screen shot of the computer screen, with the icons. Drawn and animate an arrow mouse cursor, and use the timeline to show a black box overlaying the computer screen, with animated text running. This is all fairly basic animation stuff. Doesn’t seem to be anything complex unless you are looking for some type of interactive video, where the user watching it is supposed to be controlling the cursor and clicking. If that’s the case, you need something that allows for interactivity such as Flash.