How to disable the new bounding box feature when you select a vectored line

Anyone know how to disable this new feature?

Sorry, but it’s difficult to explain… so here I go.

If I have a drawing on a vector layer and I choose select tool and click on a a bunch of vectored lines a bounding box will surround those lines, where I can resize or move that selection.
The new feature makes it so that if I click anywhere within the bounding box I can manipulate the chosen vectors

I can see that could be handy however it makes it more difficult to draw in general.

The problem is if I have a large drawing and I select a few of the larger vectored lines it creates a massive box around everything and I am forced to click outside the bounds of the box in order to be able to do anything. It breaks the flow of drawing in general.

In the past you would just click within the bounding box but off a vectored line and it would turn the box off. Now you have to scroll to the edge of the bounding box and click off it to disable it.

Any way to disable this newer feature would be great. Maybe I missed it in the options.

I’ve added an image to show what I call the bounding box.