How to delete stroke lines without creating new strokes? Just trying to make my gradient fill continuous...

Please view this photo:

I’m in the Colour Art of my drawing. Instead of solid red, I attempted to fill in this shape with a gradient, but the gradient’s flow gets interrupted by the strokes.

How do I ensure that the gradient flows smoothly despite the strokes?

Still having this issue

Either use the “Store Colour Gradient” feature and apply the gradient to those sections,
Or, cut, or erase those stroke-sections, then apply the gradient.

Thanks. I’ll try Store Colour Gradient. As for erasing, do you know how to erase strokes without leaving new strokes behind? When I use the eraser tool on the Colour Art layer, it creates strokes in the outline of where I erased.

edit: Store Colour Gradient doesn’t seem to exist in my version (Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.2.0 ). At least, it’s not under the Tool Properties for the Select Tool, like this page says:

edit2: Actually, the eraser tool does work on strokes just fine – I was just confused because I had Color already there in the areas where I was deleting, so it gave me the impression that it was creating new strokes when in fact it wasn’t. Solution reached!

With the “Select” Tool selected (alt+s),
Select the area in the viewport you would like to store the gradient from.
This will activate the “Store Colour Gradient” button in the “Tool Properties” window.
Click the “Store Colour Gradient” button.

Select the “Paint” tool (alt+i).
In the “Tool Properties” window click the “Use Stored Colour Gradient” button.
In the viewport start painting your areas.