How to delete drawings completely (off timeline and off CELLS TAB)

I have many drawings in my timeline. Then I deleted them off the timeline since I don’t like what I drew. But these drawings still exist in the CELLS TAB and they can still be used through cell swapping when I scrub through the CELLS TAB.

I don’t want that since those are old drawings that I don’t like. How do I completely remove/delete a drawing (also removing it from the CELLS TAB)?


The documentation does not mention any support for removing particular drawings from the Cells tab.

If your Drawing Element (layer) is intended for cell swapping usage, then you would want wipe out those unwanted drawings for efficiency. In that case, a workaround would be to create a new Drawing Element and paste only the drawings that you like into this new layer. You can do this once the various drawings are finalized so you can save this layer in your library.

However, if you’re not doing any cell swapping, but still want to keep the layer because you have certain cells that you like, this is just a ‘feature’ that can be ignored.