How to delete a layer animation

I’ve animated a layer with the First/Last frame transformation tools, but now i wan’t it to be still again… I’d expect i find some ‘‘delete transformation’’ in the Last Frame Transform Tool Properties, but there isn’t.

So, how do you do it?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks :smiley:
That helped a lot.

a lot of times (almost all the times)
i want to delete only the LAST keyframe.
So that you can use the first frame tool only to position the layer, without having it animated… (still, like a table for example)

You see, i use the First Frame Transformation tool to position layers, for example, very far away in a 3D scene. (to a very specific place and with a very specific pivot point where it rotates around when using the Face To Camera layer attribute) Easily said: positioning these layers has to be done very precise and can take a lot of work

for some reason it sometimes accidentally gets a ‘‘last frame keyframe’’ to… which i don’t want. Even when i haven’t clicked on the Last Frame Transformation tool…

Can i get rid of the last keyframe without getting rid of the first? (which is only used to position the “still” layer in 3D)?

I hope so :slight_smile:

((or maybe a have to position the layer with another technique?)) i thought of the selection tool first, but this doesn’t give me the xyz controls.

Please help!

You DO have the “Reset Transform” command from the Layer window. Alternately, if clicking is not your thing Ctrl+R does the same thing.