How to create precise guidelines?

In Harmony Essentials Is it possible to place a guideline at a precise position in your scene. For example If I wanted to place a guide say 256 pixels down from the top of my scene how would I go about doing something like that. Any help would be appreciated.

If I had to, I would just make a temple in a drawing/illustrator program and import it for reference.

From the User Guide.
It is important to understand the coordinate values in Harmony, which is based on the origins of animation. In traditional animation, a scene’s size and camera motion are calculated in fields. A field has a 4:3 ratio and measures 0.5 inches (12.7 mm) in width. A specific grid has been created for this purpose known as a ‘field chart’. Harmony uses this unit of measurement as its coordinate system.


when saying “guideline” do you mean alignment guides?

They unfortunately can’t be positionned by inserting numeric values.

Another cool way to position alignment guides precisely would be, if on could snap alignment guides to drawing elements (edges orr even vector points) of the template steenbeck mentionned.
Hey, that could be a feature request. :slight_smile: