How to create my own template

Hi !
I 'm a new user of toon boom. I would like to create my own template (blending mode). Is it possible?
( I’ve already develop plugins for other software, I’m use to programming)

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I am not quite sure if by templates you mean developping pluggins to create new effects or templates of current effects set in a specific way to give a visual finish to your scene.



I don’t know how it is called. I just want to create something which permit me to apply a blend effect (like in Photoshop/after effect) to all my images.

Which software are you using? In Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2, we now have the “Blending” effect, which allows you to apply the blend modes from Photoshop to your image. Is this what you’re looking for?

Toon Boom Support

I use harmony and I would like to make the blending effect : Inlay
Does it already exist?
Otherwise, how I can implement it in toon boom (harmony)?

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If you use Harmony you should get in contact with our support department regarding this issue.

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