How to: create cut-out animation from pre-existing images?


I have a question about how to do something with Toon Boom. I’d really like to be able to import an image - say, a famous painting or a scan of a picture I drew or took - and then cut it into pieces and animate the pieces.

How do you do this in Toon Boom? Is it even possible?

  1. I find the process for importing an image confusing: how do I import it in a way that will let me chop it up into pieces I can animate?

  2. Sometimes when I import an image it comes out purple/blacklit. Why is this?

  3. When I have imported the image, what tool should I use to cut it up? Is it just a case of selecting a portion of the image?

I can see that there is a tool called the “cutter” but I can’t see how to use it to select a section of the image and cut it out!

Does anyone have any advice, or a simple step-by-step guide to how to do this?

Check out JK’s excellent Tutorial “Introduction to cut-out animation:
Even, he is using Toon Boom Studio 4, one can still apply this to any other version.

This Tip of the Week video might help as well