How to copy drawing from one layer to another without shrinking it?

How to copy/paste drawing from one layer to another without changing it’s position and size ? Every time i am pasting drawing to new layer it’s shrinking and changing position. Thank you.


could you resolve your problem?

If not, can you poste a screenshot of your timeline and the camera view to see understand a bit more your case?

If you need to scale the background, use Select > All (optional).
Choose Edit > Scale with Content.
Click one of the following buttons in the Options panel:
Reference point position.
Click the square of the control point coordinate handle to set a fixed point relative to which the image will be scaled. By default, this point is the center of the image.

Use “Relative position of the reference point”.
Click the button to set a new position of the reference point in relation to the current position.

Reference point position
Sets the reference point at a certain position. Enter the size in pixels on the X and Y axes.

Scale in percent
Specifies the scale of the image as a percentage of the original size. Enter the width (W) and height (H) values as a percentage. If necessary, turn on the Keep Aspect Ratio option .

The effect.
Sets the ratio between content-aware scaling and normal scaling. To specify the percentage of content-aware scaling, enter the desired number in the text box, or click the arrow and move the slider.

Selects the alpha channel that defines the area to be protected.

Protect skin tones
Protects areas containing colors close to skin tones.

Drag the bounding box handle to resize the image. For proportional scaling, drag the corner handle while holding down the Shift key. When the mouse cursor is over the bounding box handle, it takes the form of a double arrow.
Click Cancel Transform or Perform Transform.