How to copy and past an object with out having to move the color layer.

I forget how to copy and paste an object without having to move the color layer if you work in both Line and color layer. I know people say you can do everything in line layer. but with my art I need both.

I thought if I copied the Timeline I could movie my new object and also have color go with my object. oh and I have harmony 20 advance or what ever the highest version is.

Thanks but I want to copy and past an object without having to go to the line art layer and the color layer. so I can just move one thing and not 2. and cut down on the time.

that kind of of helped I had to go to tools options and I did the permeant selection and I don’t know if I had to but I put add to all frames from the beginning and for all frames down.

Do you want to move only the line and move to other layer? if that so. you can select the line and cut and paste to other layer. You can activate the “select by colour” in the tool properties with the “select tools” selected. Hope that would help.