How to cookie cut shapes from inside other shapes (Pathfinder?)

I pay for support so hopefully this is fruitful after digging online through youtube videos I came up short for this answer.

I have a simple shape for a head, then I drew a simple shape for the eye. I want to cut the head shape with the eye’s shape, as if using the eye shape as a cookie cutter and the head shape is the bread doe.

Adobe illustrator this is called ‘pathfinder’.

I am using Harmony Premium.

Thanks in advance for any links to tutorials or explanations.

This is just the user forum support topic section. Sometimes a TB employee will pass through and respond but they do not hang out here constantly. To utilize your paid support plan you need to contact TB Support directly:

As for your immediate question, this video has your answer. The video is using Harmony 15 but the information is still applicable. Your eye and head would respectively correspond to the bat and moon in the video’s example.

Your eye = the bat

Your head = the moon