How to convert from pencil to brush

Hi All,

I have drawings made in another application and imported as swf into TBS. The lines are all 1 pixel wide, that is as if drawn with pencil tool. Now i want to convert them to brush stroke and smooth them a little. If it is just couple of drawings i can do it manually by right clicking ‘convert to brush’ option, but how to convert all frames at once ?

is it possible to apply convert to brush or smooth on all frames ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Kannan,

For the moment there is no option to apply the Convert to Brush on multiple drawings at a time.



Hi Ugo,

I suspected that anyway. I am planning to write a robot in java and experiment if it can do the job.

Thanks for the reply.


I have written a small Java program to automate this wrist breaking job over lot of frames.

The program applies ‘convert to brush’ followed by ‘smooth’ for 12 frames within seconds. Unprocessed movie and after applying the 2 step process