How to combine new deformation nodes to get a kinematic for deformations switches?


I’ve made an arm drawing with two deformation switches, one with curves, one with bones.
Is there any way to attach a hand drawing to this arm, that moves with the two switches?
(I’ve used kinematic node for the hand drawing to move along curve deformation chain and it worked successfully, but now I want the same for bone deformation switch too!)

I found out!

First, read this page:

Then, connect nodes like this:

Glad you figured it out. This works for both the bone and curve, but will not work for envelope.

I was wrong! :frowning:
Child layer follows both deformation switches, but its pivot doesn’t! (pivot remains at the same position as before and I can’t rotate or flip child layer properly).
What should I do?
please help!

14 release is broken, you need to contact support for them to send you a beta fix for 14 deformation chains.