How to combine character skin with Bones

I want to combine character skin with bones. But i dont know how i do this.
I using animate pro. Character draw in Adobe Illustrator.

For example : I create character animation. I want to hands up with bone. But the skin is not flexible.
How i paste skins(jacket, pant or shirt) to bones.
Is it possible on Toon Boom Animate Pro or other Toon Boom softwares?


I’m not sure if I’m following exactly your workflow. What a lot of people do is they will draw the skin directly on top of the bones.

If you want to keep them as separate layers, then you can use Peg layers to control the position of those layers, and make the skin and the bone both children of that peg layer, so that they move together.

It’s true that it’s not flexible in Animate / Animate Pro. What most artists do is they draw multiple drawings for the different positions of those flexible items like clothing.

If you want a flexible system, Harmony 9 is coming out with a curve/bone system that will allow you to deform a drawing. This will be available in a standalone version for individuals. You can always email for more information on this.