How to Colour-Override on a bitmap?

Hey all,

I have a TV intro job to do that will require placement of video elements within an animated space.

I would like to turn certain colours in the movie into alpha, but colour-override doesnt seem to work. I use Animate 2 - any tips on how to go about this?


If you are using Animate/Animate Pro 2, you can use color screen (or color scale) depending on the version. The value has min and max for RGB from 0 -1. that 1 means 255. So you need to do little calculation for the range in color that if RGB is (0, 72, 200), the min and max value for RGB is (0-0, 0.2-0.3, 0.7-0.8) because of the calculation (0/255, 72/255, 200/255). Once the color is correct, it creates a mast surround the color in Bitmap and then use the cutter to cut the image with that mask to have transparent background.
In Animate/Animate Pro 3, it is much simpler that using Chroma-Keying does not need any calculation since the values are in 255. The rest of concepts are the same as Color-scale.
Keep in mind that this is effect that you only can see the result in render view or final output.