HOW TO color your work if you have used textured lines

HOW TO color your work if you have used textured lines

I want to color a animation I did in ToonBoom Animate PRO 2
i used a line texture for the outline but when i use the bucket tool to color it in you will see a white line around the textured outlines.
how can i fix this?

Due to the transparency of texture line that it can not be merged by painting it on line art. If you draw with line texture and you want paint merging with the texture line, you have to paint it in color art (little blue circle next the circle currently selected on the bottom of Camera or Drawing view or simply toggle with L key. To create an area (strokes in color art to paint), clean up your lines first and then select all with select tool. And then Drawing>Create color art from Line art. This option is also available in Tool bar or even shortcut. Then paint it in color art.


it worked the way you described.
but is there a easier way?

is there a way you can automat this? or draw directly in a way textured lines have the color art part?

Are you working in Animate Pro or Animate Pro 2? With Animate Pro 2, you can use a permanent selection to select many drawings at once, and then by clicking on “Apply to Multiple Drawings” then you can create colour art from line art on your whole selection at once.

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thanks for the answers Juho and lilly they were very useful.

i work with ToonBoom Animation PRO 2
you can see the result here.
from key till colored version.

I will tryout the “Apply to Multiple Drawings” feature in my next tests.
Is it easy to change the line texture back in to a normal line without texture?
In that way i can see the difference in a fast way without doing the extra work.

If you want to remove the texture, what you need to do is use your paint bucket tool to repaint that region. Make sure that in the tool properties view of the paint bucket you select “Paint and Remove Texture”.

Hope this helps.

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