How to close an envelope chain

The help document says that the “Envelope chain can be closed by connecting the last Curve deformation node to the initial Offset point.” However, it does not say how it can be closed. According to the tutorial one should use the short cut “Alt and click on the offset point”. However, at least under Windows this does not close the Envelope chain. Do I have to alter anything in the Preferences?

Hi HeinerL,

What version of Harmony are you using?


Harmony 14 Premium

Hi Heiner,

Could you tell me which tutorial you are following? You can close an Envelope with Alt but not a Curve. The Envelope is very similar to a curve, but this is one of the difference.
I wonder if you are watching a tutorial for a version prior to Harmony 12. If not may be we need to clarify something if it is one of our tutorial.

Marie-Eve\Educational Curriculum - Harmony Premium\Rigging 1 with Harmony Premium\7. Deformation Rigging\01 07 010 adding envelope deformations

I am using Harmony 14 here, on a Mac, but when I go to close the Envelope Deformer, I move the cursor over the first point, hold down the Option (Alt key on Windows?) and you see a small bullseye symbol with a small ‘C’ in the upper right corner. When you see that cursor become that bullseye symbol I click and it closes the contour, makes a complete closed shape. When you make the envelope deformer and click point by point, you will see a different symbol for the cursor, a regular ‘+’ symbol with a small ‘C’ in the corner.

You can open or close the contour of that envelope deformer by going into the Layers Properties and checking or unchecking the ‘Close Contour’ checkbox. It is in the Envelope Parameters section at the very bottom of the list. You have to choose the transform tool and then select a point of your Envelope Deformer and then go to the Layer Properties to see that checkbox.

I can follow everything that you mentioned. Thank you very much. However, I do not see the different symbol for the cursor… nor does it close the contour of the envelope deformer, even when I checked the “Close Contour” checkbox. Any other idea?

The only other thing I can think of is if you are using a Curve Deformer and not the Envelope Deformer, there is a difference. If you go into the Tool Properties when you are setting the deformer the first field says Mode and has 5 icons. You want to make sure the 4th icon over is selected.

Here is a screen shot of that:

If you do have that selected and are having these problems then I am out of ideas.

THANKS so much!! Even though I was quit sure that I had selected the Envelope Deformer, obviously it was not the case because now it works exactly as you said!!!
Once again Thank you for your assistance and patience!!!