How to change the XYZ controls to WORLD instead of local

I hope the ‘‘3D animation guys’’ will get me here…

Like, i need this when, for example, i want to animate or move this camera (in the attachment), straight forward, in the direction where the arrow is pointing…

Thanks in advance!


I also i would like the possibility to keyframe the camera’s rotation above 180 degrees… in some cases it’s not handy that it snaps to the nearest angle… I love to do advanced camera moves haha. :slight_smile: Also the Camera Function editor (which you need to enable with the preferences) should be more easy to use and merged in the software. (not so hidden)

but this is not so highly needed as the possibily to change a layers exposure… for example: the background for a shot…

This would have a 1.

Just a idea of how you COULD do this:
You could, for example, in the Layers property panel, put an feature where you can set the layers duration to xxx panels or you could just select ‘‘entire scene’’.

This would be a much more flexible and better alternative for this clumpsy ‘‘spread layer motion’’ feature that we have right now,

This layers then could also have some different symbol/colour/whatever in the small layer thumbnail view, so you know that it’s a ‘‘multi panel-layer’’
where you could maybe also indicate if it’s the beginning/start layer by a symbol that represents that…
‘’<’’ as a quick keyboard sketch.

if it’s a layer in the middle/ between the start and end, then it could also have a symbol that represents that.
‘’=’’ as a quick keyboard sketch.

same for the end…
‘’>’’ as a quick keyboard sketch.

just an idea of how it could be done…

Look how many people want something like this in SBP:

Also some small feature requests:

i want the:

Ability to group layers… To create a more organized view… and have the ability to animate the roughs, and then just draw the cleans/shading ect. over it, in the same group… (it’s the GROUP that is animated as a whole: you shouldn’t be able to animate the layers inside the group)

Ability to select the layers by selecting strokes in the canvas… Sometimes you just have a lot of layers and you spend a lot of time clicking on the eyes in the layer to determine which layer you want to edit. You could add a shortcut that you can use when in the select tool that temporarily ‘‘breaks’’ the idea of layers/ the borders BETWEEN the layers… In this temporarily mode SBP recognizes the whole panel as one ‘‘layer’’… and when you select strokes in this mode, then release the key, you have the layers selected (highlighted in blue) in the layers thumbnail view… Photoshop has something similar: when you have the Move tool selected, you can just ‘‘cmd’’ click anywhere in the canvas to select a layer… i believe TVPaint also has something like this but i can’t remember it that well…

The ability to turn backface culling on and off for the NODES in a 3D layer instead of the whole 3D layer itself… You know. For example: when i have a 3D environment, like a room, i only want the walls to ‘‘see through’’ from the back… and not through the objects/nodes in the room… Right now you only have the option to enable this for the whole 3D layer.

Pitch mode should recognize 3D scenes and turn the ‘‘comments layer’’ automatically in a ‘‘Pin to camera- layer’’… Just try adding a comment in pitch mode in a 3D scene and you will get what i mean.

I hope it was a bit clear, because my english is not that well and i often can’t really ‘‘show’’/express what i mean with only words… which is frustrating.

Hope it helps you and therefore also us the customers. :slight_smile:

Hi Devin,

I come from a 3D background so I definitely hear you on this one! Initially when we were defining Storyboard Pro, we wanted to emphasize “easy to use” so we started with a pretty limited, but still very useful, 3D toolset.

I can definitely add this as a feature request for the next version.

How high would you rate the priority of this in your workflow? On a scale of 1-5, 1=Critical, 2=Very Important, 3=Important, 4=Nice to Have, 5=Low

Thanks so much for your input!

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I also need this for layer transformations, ect ect ect