how to change background ?

hello ,

i would like to know how to change color of the background.
my lines color are in black, and when i want a final render of my images, the black background catchs my drawings.

white background. animatepro

i’ve already make a search on this forum but it seems i’m the first who ask this.

thanks a lot for your help :wink:

Open the Preferences / General / click on Edit Colours…
Click the Camera Tab / click the Clear “colour square” / choose your colour…
Click the Drawing Tab / click the Background “colour square” / choose your colour…
Restart Animate…


ok thanks a lot nolan :smiley:

in fact, i’ve replied before to test it ! ;D

it still doesn’t render with another background than black.
i’ve made what you said nolan. and i’ve changed all black colors in white.
preferences/general/edit colors/camera :

in drawing :

a preview test :

and the rendered work :

what is my problem ? :-X

i would like my renders with a white background

Wouldn’t adding a color card do it?

Add a colour card. It’s a layer that you can add, and if you double-click on it you can set it to any colour you want, though it comes with white as default.


i think i should revise my basics .

thank you very much for your precious help


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thank you!