How to change aspect ratio frame colour from grey SBP.v4?


The default panel frame that we draw in seems locked at grey.

This isn’t very effective when printing pages of PDF for our Production crew; panels disappear when up on the wall and just doesn’t look like a traditional board as it’s hard to read with an extensive board at work.

Does anyone know how to change the colour?


This isn’t very clear, are you saying the problem is in the software interface or in the printed PDFs?

You can change interface colors in the preferences, on the “Global UI” tab.

Hi thanks for the response….

when drawing in the program the fame is grey. it prints grey as well.

I’m searched over the Global UI in preferences but can’t find a control for the frame box colour. unless I’m blind!

would you know where in Global UI?


My reply was general as I was not entirely sure what you were referring to.
After re-reading the original post title I think I have a better idea…

There is no way to modify this color. For legibility you can edit your PDF profile (export to PDF Window, click the button marked “Edit Profile”). On the “Panel” tab make sure there is a checkmark on “Frame Panel Image”. I know it’s not an ideal solution but it may help if you are not already using this setting.