How to carry forward after design is done till rigging process.

toon boon queries ---- I have done design in photoshop. my questions are- should draw each part of body saparately like head-eyes,mouth. body- hand,leg. then do rig?
Second when character turn his head to 3/4 then should draw again or is there any way to get 3/4 head from front or profile.
If i am goin to use three body like front,3/4 and profile then proces of drawing and rig will same like different part saparately ?
please help me soon?
when i use close gap then color fillling is coming like arc of close gap. color fill coming straight line instead round.

Hi Matisse
First of all thanks a lot and How are you?
I have few issues.

  1. Nos showing in parameter jumps like when I move key no1 to 7, 8 then in parameter instead showing same it jump to other nos, please help me why? and how to solve?
  2. Color in not happening in frame by frame animation.

3.why drawings are missing but showing frames are there in the timeline.
4.Is there anyway we can change in the duplicate image layer?

5.Is there any free very good “tool based interface” for frame by frame animation and cutout animation.

Please help me soon

Hi Jasbinder,

for a first approach you could have a look into these courses on rigging:


Hi stefman,

Thank you for providing a link to the Toon Boom Learn Portal. It is a great resource that offers step-by-step instructions about many topics, including Rigging.

Hi jasbinder,

There are a couple different topics in your post. Let’s go over them.

Artwork creation:
If you want to create all your artwork from Photoshop, you should indeed create all the artwork you need for every view the character will be in (front, profile, quarter front, etc).
Know that you can also create your artwork directly in Harmony.

Rigging turnarounds:
There are multiple ways to do this.
Some people like to create an individual rig for each character view. This means, one rig for the front view, one rig for the quarter front view, etc.
Another option you have is to create a single rig that provides you with all the views mentioned above. There are 2 ways to do this.

  1. Each drawing layer has drawing substitutions for every single view. This would mean you would have one Right Hand drawing layer, which would be filled with the hand( s ) for front view, quarter front view, etc -you can name them f_01, f_02, qf_01, qf_02, etc-.
  2. The drawing layers are made of only one drawing substitution and each layer uses an Envelope deformer around its shape, so that you can modify it from a front, quarter front to profile view, etc.

As for your close gap question, if I understand the issue properly -being it creates a straight line-, you can use the Contour Editor (white arrow tool) to curve it, or use the Stroke tool instead of the Close Gap tool to draw a line, just like a pencil one, of 0 thickness.

Hope this helps,