How to Avoid adding new bones during editing of a deformation chain?

Hi, All.
I’m working with Harmony 14 on PC.
Often during my job I’ve have to edit a deformation chain already existing (doesn’t matter if is an articulation, an enveloped or curve deformers).
I found extremely tedious the fact that when I try to move one of the points of the deformers, often I find myself adding a new unwanted curve; because I’ve clicked the point that I wanted to edit with the cursor, by clicking a few pixels away by mistake, causing the creation of a new curve.
Basically is a question precision, but the “hit area” of the points of the deformers is very small…
Is there any way that I can increase this area (or edit the sensibility f the cursor) to avoid this problem?
See picture for a clearer explanation of the issue.

In your image the deformer is red which means you are in rigging mode. Select Transform and the deformer will be green. Now you can transform it without adding new points.

Hi Zebtoonz, thanks. But my question is connected to the “rigging mode” that you mentioned… I was looking for a way to avoid add point extra during the editing process.

When you are ready to close the envelope deformer hold down the ALT key and click on the first point.

Does that answer your question?

Hi Zebtoonz, I appreciate the answer. :slight_smile: but no it didn’t solve the issue… It’s just the way TB is done…the most logical solution is…pay attention where I click to avoid creating unnecessary bones ;), thanks anyway :smiley: