How to attach an object to a hand of a deformed arm?

My character has an arm which is made of only one drawing.
To make it move I use the Deformation Tool.
The problem starts when I want to put an object in its hand.
I have no idea how to connect the object to the hand, so it tracks the hand’s motion as I deform the whole arm.

Could you help me with that, please? Thank you!

I use Toon Boom Harmony Essentials.

Parent the object to the hand by dragging and dropping it ontop of the hand in the timeline. that should do it. or watch my tutorial on deformation i just posted yestertday!

In your video the hand and the arm are two separate drawings. I have one drawing in one layer (upper, lower and hand drawn together). What’s more I use Essentials version of TB, so I don’t have the Node View available and I can’t do the same as you.

Any other solution?

The concepts are the same. Parent the object to the hand using a Kinnematic Output which I am certain is included in Essentials. Hope that helps!

Cut your drawing into three pieces and distribute each part to its own layer so you can set your rig up like franksummers is describing.

Kinematic Output in Essentials:

Thank you very much! It helped :slight_smile: