How to assign your own keyboard shortcut - didn't work for me

I understand that to assign your own keyboard shortcut you go Preference>Shortcuts.

I want to assign a shortcut for “Duplicating Drawing”. But when I select “Duplicating Drawing” under the Element Menu, then press a character that i would like to use as shortcut (ie: “d” or “f6” or any other key), nothing happens.

  1. How do you assign shortcut once you’re inside the shortcut menu? i clicked a lot of keys to try and make it a shortcut but nothing’s happening.

  2. Can you combine 2 actions to become 1 shortcut? i.e.: I want to copy the existing frame, paste it onto the next frame, then Duplicate Drawing. Can all these actions combine to become 1 shortcut?


Preferences => Shortcuts => Commands

  1. Select “Duplicate Drawing” or whatever you want to assign a shortcut to.

If you are working on Duplicate Drawings, there is a bar that says “none” if it is like mine in version 7 which indicates no shortcut is currently assigned (I don’t know whether TB assigned a shortcut to this in version 8 ).

  1. Click on that bar
  2. Do the keyboard sequence you want to represent the function (i.e. Duplicate Drawing).

That sequence will replace the “none” and also appear in the Current Key field. NOTE: this field was blank and the bar labeled “none” because nothing was assigned as a shortcut to Duplicate Drawing.

  1. Click OK to save.

You can only assign a shortcut to something already listed in Commands.

You cannot select more than one at a time from that list so you cannot combine any functions in a shortcut.

Thanks!! It worked!