How to "arrange" layers

I’m new to harmony and am trying to make my first simple animation but I am having a bit of trouble. I can’t figure out how to arrange how “forward” a certain layer is while still using pegs for hierarchy.

To break down exactly what my problem is I attached a preview image. I need the table to be behind everything but the body of the character but I need the arms to be behind the body while still being above the table. I’m following a tutorial on digital tutors and he seems to have the table layer at the very top, yet his characters body goes behind the table. Can anyone clarify how you are able to do this? I’ve tried playing with the Pos Z in the data view but this make the table go behind everything as well as shrinking it.

This is really starting to frustrate me so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Playing with the Z Pos is the right way to go about it, but you need to make sure you nudge it only a fraction. For example, you could have the table at Pos 0, the body at -0.001, the upper arms at -0.002 and the forearms at +0.001

When it’s nudged only a little it shouldn’t resize the elements.

You can also use your keyboard shortcuts to nudge. I’m using a Mac and my shortcut is option/alt and the down key to move an element forward, option/alt and the up key to move an element back.

Also, if you have Harmony Premium and use the Node View, you can adjust the hierarchy here by rearranging the wires.

forearms with shoulders top layer timeline layer panel,
table second layer underneath timeline layer panel,
character with head and torso third layer bottom layer timeline layer panel,
to do something like this you would have to break up the character and animate the arms and torso with head separate but keeping them attached, for this type of scene

Thanks for the help you two, I was able to figure it out thanks to you.